Staff Aug For First Timers

Join us for our live Q&A, where we'll answer your questions about using staff aug to empower and scale your learning organization! The webinar is scheduled for the 13th of September, 2017.
Dates 13 Sep 2017 12:00 pm (UTC -5) 13 Sep 2017 1:00 pm (UTC -5)
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Free Webinar - Staff Aug For First Timers

Are you hesitant to dive into staff aug? Maybe you're thinking one of these three things:

  1. Staff aug is too costly — I’m already working with a shoestring budget!
  2. Getting someone up to speed takes too much time — and I’m already running short on that.
  3. Our information is confidential — can I really trust someone short-term with our content?

During this live Q&A, we here at ttcInnovations will share with you how to empower and scale your learning organization with confidence using staff augmentation!

Though our open-format, Q&A, you'll discover:

  • What staff aug is and, more importantly, what it is NOT
  • The benefits of staff aug for you, your team, and your company
  • How and when to use staff aug to scale with purpose at an astonishingly affordable cost
  • How to work with contractors without getting buried in mountains of paperwork
  • Choosing the right role and the right person for your environment and unique culture
  • Actionable tips for onboarding at lightning speed
  • Possible staff aug risks and how to avoid them
  • Key characteristics to look for in a qualified staffing agency

and MORE!

Seats are limited — be sure to save your spot here.

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