Talented Learning Webinar: How To Save Money And Choose The Right LMS With The "LMS Almanac"

Join independent analyst John Leh on Friday the 13th of May, when he explains how learning tech buyers are gaining valuable guidance from the new "LMS ALMANAC" research report. Want a better path to the best LMS for your business? This FREE WEBINAR is for you.
Dates 13 May 2016 1:00 pm (UTC -4) 13 May 2016 2:00 pm (UTC -4)
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A Talented Learning Webinar For A Better Way To Find Your Next LMS

Overwhelmed by the idea of searching among 700 LMS vendors for the perfect fit? How successful has your organization been in selecting learning technology? What missteps or oversights would you like to avoid in your next purchasing cycle? How do you keep from overpaying? Or under buying?

Every day, the analysts at Talented Learning help clients who struggle with these same questions. That’s why this independent research and consulting company developed the LMS Almanac – a complete, cost-effective guide that simplifies the complex LMS selection process.

How does the LMS Almanac make that possible? Take a virtual tour with John Leh, CEO and Lead Analyst of Talented Learning, as he goes under the cover of the recently completed LMS Almanac: Corporate Edition. He'll share 5 ways to use the LMS Almanac to save time and money, while finding the right learning platform for your organization’s unique needs. If you are in the market for an LMS (or are only thinking about it), this webinar will put you on the path to selection success.

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About Talented Learning

Talented Learning is an independent research and consulting firm, devoted to helping organizations of all sizes choose and use modern LMS solutions and related technologies for their unique business needs.

With more than 650 learning management systems available today (and more innovation constantly on the horizon), finding the right LMS can be overwhelming. Our research helps organizations at every stage of the learning technology implementation lifecycle, from business case development and requirements definition, to vendor selection.

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Friday, May 13, 2016, from 1:00-1:45pm, Eastern Daylight Time

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