Training 2021 Virtual Certificates

Training magazine present four virtual certificate programs as part of the Training 2021 Virtual Conference in February 2021. Choose from four certificates that build your skills in virtual training and eLearning courses.
Dates 16 Feb 2021 12:00 pm (UTC -5) 25 Feb 2021 4:00 pm (UTC -5)
Place (View On Map) Online

Build Your Skills For Your Virtual Training And eLearning Courses

After completing the program, you'll receive a Training magazine Virtual Certificate of Completion and an eBadge.

1. Converting Instructor-Led Training To Virtual Instructor-Led Training Or eLearning Courses

Dani Watkins, Chief Learning Experience Officer, Zenith Performance Solutions

When organizations move from ILT to either a vILT or eLearning, they often attempt to do a straight conversion without re-evaluating the learning activities. As a result, they are left with a boring, ineffective vILT or eLearning course that falls short. Discover how to create learning courses that change behavior, engage learners, and leave them wanting more. You will re-evaluate your ILT learning objectives and move to solving business problems through behavior change rather than information overload. During this program, you will redesign an existing ILT course to a vILT or an eLearning course.

3 Online Sessions (6 hours each)—February 17, 19 & 22

2. Building Effective eLearning With Articulate Storyline 360

Stefanie Lawless, VP Training, Yukon Learning

In this comprehensive and hands-on program, learn everything you need to build highly interactive eLearning with Articulate Storyline 360. Together, we’ll explore a host of options to help take your training content to the next level. You’ll get to experiment with several features designed to engage the learner. By the end of this jammed-packed training, you’ll learn what’s needed to create a comprehensive learning course that can be published and delivered to meet a variety of needs, as well as play on a variety of devices.

4 Online Sessions (4 hours each)—February 16, 18, 23 & 25

3. A PowerPoint MasterClass For Learning

Mike Parkinson, Author, A Trainer’s Guide to PowerPoint: Best Practices for Master Presenters

I can do that in PowerPoint? Yes, you can. Get the tips, tools, and techniques the pros use to make powerful learning materials and presentations. Save time and money. Learn things you didn’t think were possible in PowerPoint. This workshop is an advanced (master) class — not an introductory class. This workshop is intended for intermediate PowerPoint users and beyond. You will receive a copy of Mike’s book as well as 100 free infographics and 1,800 icons.

3 Online Sessions (4 hours each)—February 22-24

4. Master Instructional Designer

Geoff Bailey, Senior Consultant, Friesen, Kaye, and Associates

Discover the keys to creating interactive and engaging training that ensures learner success — whether in the traditional classroom, online or a combination of both. You will receive electronic job aids and a detailed support manual to help you apply the techniques on the job. You'll learn how to select the right learning content and instructional strategy to support performance improvement; strategize design time shortcuts; align learning objectives and tests; outline strategies to close performance gaps; create questions that maximize learning, encourage retention, and test for understanding; promote interactivity; and more.

4 Online Sessions (4 hours each)—February 22-25

For complete descriptions, click here. Virtual Certificates are USD$895 each.

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