Transforming L&D: Sharing Our Experiences

Do you work in L&D, training or talent management? Join our webinar to share the successful journey of two leading L&D managers. Both achieved significant results, including supporting business change, cost reduction and better staff engagement.
Dates 20 Oct 2016 3:00 pm (UTC +1) 20 Oct 2016 4:00 pm (UTC +1)
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The L&D Clinic: Send The Experts Your Challenges

The challenges in L&D are much talked-about, seldom resolved. Staff engagement, dealing with business change, developing leaders, supporting talent development, making an impact on the business … all of these and other challenges are put on the plate of L&D teams that are hard-pressed to deliver quantifiable results.

Fiona Quigley, of Logicearth, talks to James Fletcher, Talent & Training Manager, CORETX and Pete Luffrum, Director of Learning & Talent, eir Ireland.

At Logicearth, we feel that L&D teams have been underserved for years by eLearning content and learning technology providers. Working with clients like CORETX and eir since 2010, we take pride in how we support our clients with low cost, high impact learning and technology solutions.

So join us for a dynamic discussion of the pressing challenges in L&D and get an insight into the practical solutions to transform your L&D service provision.

Topics will include:

  • A chequered history for L&D
  • The top 10 L&D challenges
  • The need for practical solutions
  • L&D – underserved by solution providers
  • James Fletcher – My L&D journey to success (15 minutes)
  • Pete Luffrum – Transforming L&D (15 minutes)
  • Q&A: Answering your L&D challenges
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