Using Agile Methods For HR And Learning Projects

In this webinar, we talk to a panel of Agile specialists who take a deep dive to provide some clarity and a practical road-map for using Agile methods in HR/L&D.
Dates 01 Feb 2018 1:00 pm (UTC +11) 01 Feb 2018 2:00 pm (UTC +11)
Place Online

Using Agile Methods For HR And Learning Projects - Webinar Overview

The Agile Manifesto released in 2001, outlined a more flexible approach to software development based on iterative development, where solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Since then, Agile methods (an umbrella term covering SCRUM, KanBan, Extreme Programming etc) have been extensively used in IT and are increasingly being used in other domains such as marketing and HR/L&D.

While Agile methods are malleable to work in other domains, its basics principles and philosophy may not mesh well in “top-down” hierarchical organizations. In this webinar, an experienced panel explores the opportunities for using Agile methods in HR/L&D, and the challenges faced.

Date & Time: Thur, 1st Feb 2018

  • Sydney: 1 – 2 pm
  • Singapore: 10 – 11 am

We discuss

  • A quick introduction to Agile methods and principles.
  • Identify opportunities and benefits of using Agile methods in HR/L&D
  • Roadmap to use Agile methods in HR/L&D including the required team capabilities.
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