eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [April 2024]

5 eLearning Industry Guest Author Articles To Check Out Today
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Summary: From frontline training and employee incentives to balancing engagement and cognitive load, these guest author articles cover hot eLearning topics and trends.

Ready To Read Up On The Latest eLearning Trends And Technologies?

What's the link between employee incentive programs and team morale? How does L&D help you hold on to your top talent? What does the future hold for employee training? These guest posts have the answers you're looking for. In no particular order, here are the top eLearning Industry guest author articles published last month.

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5 eLearning Industry Guest Author Articles To Check Out Today

1. Train To Retain: Frontline Training And Talent Retention By Alexis Kitchen

Retaining talent at the frontline is key to continuity and improvement, but without effective knowledge transfer, low morale and high attrition remain pain points. Alexis Kitchen explores why retention-focused training is the answer and offers much greater potential: the opportunity for data-led operational optimization.

2. Innovation In Education: Exploring Cutting-Edge Learning Technologies By Paige Yousey

Experience the future of employee training: AI personalizes, chatbots assist, gamified onboarding engages, mobile apps offer flexibility, and wearables provide real-time feedback. Paige Yousey covers things to consider and real-world use cases.

3. Understanding Employee Incentives: A Comprehensive Guide By Sunny Choudhary

Employers use various strategies to keep their employees motivated and ensure they're loyal to the company and its goals. Sunny Choudhary explains why employee incentives are an essential part of maintaining employee morale in any industry. Learning more about these incentives can help increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.

4. Balancing SEO And Cybersecurity: Ensuring Safe Web Experiences For Your Users By Daniel Moayanda

In today's digital landscape, achieving a harmonious balance between SEO and cybersecurity measures is paramount for businesses. Daniel Moayanda delves into the intricate dance of ensuring your website ranks high on Search Engine Results Pages while safeguarding against cyber threats.

5. Sounds About Right: Balancing Engagement And Cognitive Load When Using Music In eLearning By Danielle Wallace

See the effects of music on cognitive load and in eLearning, and get guidelines for using music wisely in different contexts. Danielle Wallace also shares actionable tips for how to create L&D symphonies.

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