eLearning Industry's Guest Author Article Showcase [May 2023]

eLI's Top Guest Author Articles [May 2023]
Summary: Check out the top eLI guest author articles from last month to learn more about the future of Instructional Design and the importance of diverse imagery.

5 eLearning Industry Guest Articles

How can AI help you enrich educational experiences? Can you use push notifications to fully engage your learning audiences? The articles below address these questions and can help you design memorable eLearning courses, personalize the process, choose the right diverse imagery, and more. In no particular order, here are the top eLI guest author articles published last month.

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Guest Posts You Won't Want To Miss

The Future Of Instructional Design: Engaging Students Through Gamified, Personalized, And Flexible Learning With AI And Partnerships By Robin T. Greene-Harper

The future of Instructional Design is in gamified, personalized, and flexible learning with AI. In this eLI guest post, Robin T. Greene-Harper explores how ethical use, collaborative partnerships, gamification, adaptive learning, flexible modalities, and AI enhance education for effective learning.

Diverse Imagery: Its Purpose And Importance In eLearning By Kelly Schuster

This article by Kelly Schuster emphasizes the importance of using diverse imagery in educational materials, reflecting the diverse population in which we live and work. It also highlights the key factors to consider before selecting imagery, such as body types and age diversity.

Does Memorable Design Lead To Memorable Learning? By Emily Gore

Memorable design can lead to memorable learning. The peak-end rule suggests that the brain focuses on the peaks and the end of the learning experience, making it essential to design training that tells the brain exactly what to keep. Emily Gore shares top design tips to help increase knowledge retention.

How To Incorporate Learning Experience Design In Online Learning By Ayaz Qureshi

When creating online courses, it is possible to lose sight of the learners in an effort to get all the content across. Ayaz Qureshi explains how Learning Experience Design can help you re-center your eLearning efforts by ensuring that the learners' perspective is always kept in mind.

How To Boost eLearning Engagement With Push Notifications By Kate Parish

This post discusses push notifications and how they can enhance engagement in eLearning. Kate Parish also offers tips for creating effective alerts, including understanding the audience, crafting attention-grabbing copy, timing notifications strategically, and testing and optimizing messages.

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