eLearning Trends That Would Sculpt The Training Hustle!

eLearning Trends That Would Sculpt The Training Hustle
Summary: Learning should never stop no matter how many hurdles come your way! Therefore, if you want to promote the same, along with an entrepreneurial vision, this article is for you.

Because Learning Shouldn't Stop!

Are you working from home currently? Well, you won’t even have to answer because we know!

Many organizations began working remotely after COVID-19 took a toll on our lives. It became essential to prioritize employees’ and customers' safety. Therefore, the offices and other brick-and-mortar stores had to be temporarily shut down.

Notably, due to the whole WFH scenario, learning and development took a sudden backseat. It is essential to mention that upon surveying, about 49% of employees said that they hadn’t experienced any growth or development of skills in the past year. We all understand the importance of workplace learning. Therefore, keeping in mind the same, we’ll be highlighting some of the trends in the spotlight that could shape the future of workplace training.

So, are you excited?

Top-Notch eLearning Trends For Employee Training

1. Modernization Of LMS Via Learning Experience Platforms 

To begin with, learning management systems (LMS) are for monitoring and supervision of eLearning. However, using it as a learner, the experience can be substandard! Notably, learning experience platforms (LEPs) are constructed in a manner that complements your LMS. Not only this, but they consist of numerous features that could enhance the overall mechanism.

How? Take a look!

  • LEPs can take the shape of any content type, including articles, videos, podcasts, and more. Additionally, they can provide full-fledged eLearning courses for easy browsing.
  • Artificial intelligence can play a vital role in suggesting the eLearning content to the learners that best matches their preferences.

Furthermore, here are the top ways you can take advantage of LEPs for your business:

  • Monitor your employees' learning requirements and segregate the learners based on the data. For instance, if a group of employees is fond of podcasts, motivate them to focus on the same for your LEP.
  • Pick a targeted group of learners and pilot the platform. Discover the impact of LEP on learning and make changes in the pattern if necessary.

2. Social Learning: An Affordable Learning Initiative 

Businesses spent a huge amount on the training of new employees last year, after which they realized the importance of introducing new cost-effective methods. This would not only eliminate huge costs but help workers develop essential skills.

What is the cost-effective method? Without a doubt, social learning!

Online learning makes use of technology to connect people and it can be facilitated in the following manners:

  • Mentorship programs
  • Content creation tools
  • Course discussions

Here’s How The Trend Can Benefit You:

  • Conduct an employee skills analysis: Monitor the data collected via performance reviews and identify the skills and weaknesses of an employee. Next, pair employees to continue a mentor-mentee relationship.
  • A social learning protocol must work: Availability of resources that could motivate the employees to move in the right direction is a must.
  • Utilize current networks at their best: One must keep in touch with the superiors in the work network to gain knowledge about the learning resources.

3. Invigilate The Training Impact 

The incorporation of employee training and performance management software systems can have a tremendous advantage to the organization.

How? Well, employees can acquire an auto-generated report of areas of improvement, while managers can monitor if the effort made in training brings a positive outcome.

Here’s how the trend can benefit you:

  • Systematize performance ratings: Make sure that the teams follow the same evaluation method to gain insights. In addition, there should be a standard set for work interpretation and other factors.

4. Learning In The Flow Of Work

Taking an eLearning course and then transforming it into actual work is one of the biggest challenges faced by the employees while training. The availability of a manager or a mentor at the time of practical work is a must to correct the action immediately if anything goes wrong.

Here’s when "learning in the flow of work" comes in handy! Organizations can utilize AI chatbots and other functionalities to forward eLearning content in real-time.

Here are a few examples to make it easier for you to understand:

  • Stressed about your first call with the CEO? An eLearning content can pop up with the tips to rock your first meeting.
  • Coping up with piles of office data? Here comes the pop-up mentioning information about data organization and management.

Awesome, right?

In A Nutshell

Assuming that this article might have been very informative for you, have you now understood the importance of eLearning trends in shaping the future of employee training?

We all recognize the relevance of workplace learning, which is why eLearning platforms can play a vital role in educating newbies. What’s more? Taking advantage of the trends mentioned earlier is not possible unless you have an appropriate mobile app or platform for the same.

Don’t know what to do? Well, connecting with the professionals is your shot! Therefore, consult the experts on your idea and develop an app that helps your organization grow efficiently.

So, are you all set?

Happy reading!