5 eLearning Writing Topics That Are Just Right For Your eLI Guest Article [July 2023 Edition]

5 eLearning Writing Topics That Are Just Right For Your eLI Guest Article
Summary: Before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), check out these top 5 eLearning writing ideas for your next guest post.

Ready For Some Writing Inspiration?

There's a lot going on in the world of eLearning, making choosing the right topic for your guest article even more daunting. From Artificial Intelligence to immersive learning, there's certainly no shortage of ideas. However, we've rounded up 5 eLearning writing topics that our community is sure to love this month.

5 Top eLearning Writing Topics To Consider For Your Guest Post

1. Learning In The Flow Of Work

How do you organically incorporate training into employees' everyday duties? What are some practical ways to provide them with moment-of-need support? How can learning in the flow of work promote lifelong learning habits and foster personal development, and how does an LMS fit into the grand scheme of things?

2. Employee Coaching

What are some creative ways that organizations can implement employee coaching using internal SMEs? How can this approach help with performance management, and what's the best way to use systemic feedback? You can also highlight actionable steps for launching an employee coaching program in your eLI guest article.

3. Design Thinking

What is the concept of design thinking, and how can eLearning professionals use it to create more impactful courses? What are the phases involved? What are the benefits of opting for a design thinking strategy versus other methodologies?

4. Multigenerational L&D

How can you create meaningful L&D experiences for every member of your team, whether they're Gen X, millennials, or Gen Z? What are the key characteristics of each group that you should take into account? In your guest article, you can also offer tips to develop learner personas in order to individualize training initiatives.

5. Instructional Design Skills

Which skills should new Instructional Designers cultivate to achieve professional success? How can seasoned ID pros take their competencies to the next level and continually broaden their talents?

Wrapping Up

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