Free eBook 15 Ways To Enhance Employee Onboarding With Video

15 Ways To Enhance Employee Onboarding With Video – The Wonder Of Visual

A solid method of onboarding not only helps organizations retain their people – it helps them conserve capital too. The question all comes down to how. How does one provide time-sensitive training, tailored to specific roles and delivered to a distinct audience that may or may not be remotely located? How does one leave a positive and long-lasting impression where information is stored easily?

15 Ways To Enhance Employee Onboarding With Video
Discover how to make every first day a great one with 15 key tips and a simple guide to creating an onboarding program that works.

All whilst upholding the intent to make a new hire really feel a part of the team, along with the confidence which is needed to do the job. Let alone the fact that he or she needs to get to work to start creating some real-world value for your business. This eBook elaborates on the 15 ways that Panopto enables enhancement of the employee onboarding process using video as a supreme tool.

About The eBook: The Power Of On-Demand

How do you tackle the issue of a large amount of on-the-job, location-based learning, with scarce resources to help employees retain (and later recall) the flood of incoming information. Only time can help process this vast amount of knowledge. Time and video. Video offers a real opportunity for your training team, or any team for that matter, to go above and beyond. Besides the fact that a whole new generation is used to utilizing video as a mechanism to learn, there is an abundance of advantages why it helps the onboarding process.

The eBook 15 Ways To Enhance Employee Onboarding With Video dives deep into the topic of the value of video as a method to enhance the onboarding process in a whole variety of ways. It's a truly revolutionary turn for the better and fully adapted to how people learn nowadays.

First of all, video can improve people’s ability to remember concepts and details – with effects that actually increase over time. Instead of a decrease of knowledge retention, content stays anchored and can be recalled with much less effort. The very nature of having access to a video platform also adds an aspect of findability. You can search engine optimize yourselves. Not only does the visual aspect make the content more memorable but your employees will also be able to search for content based on specific search queries. Independent of location and time, you can say 'bye' to business trips and booking of classrooms because your employees will be able to follow the video from wherever they are at that specific moment.

This specific eLearning format can cut costs considerably. The tool can be used for transferral of important job-specific content, but also offers insight into the culture and values of a company. CEOs can address new hires directly and "welcome" them into their new environment. SMEs and company veterans can share incredibly valuable knowledge. The newly created content is created very easily and can be conserved, edit and reused for years to come. Panopto offers video creation, sharing, and management in one single solution. Admins and managers can control and customize the tool in such a manner that employees get to see the content on a ‘need to know' basis.

Not only is there a multi-device adaptability. Due to the collection of data, viewing analytics gives you valuable insight into what videos are being watched and whether any given member of the team has completed any particular video, or not.

Why Video Holds The Key To The Future Of eLearning

Appearance counts, as does a presentation. More compelling than a handbook and more cost-effective than on-location events and seminars, video is one of the best onboarding investments companies can make. The eBook 15 Ways To Enhance Employee Onboarding With Video offers some excellent insights into a tool which helps you build an onboarding program that works - with an industry-leading video content management system. In this technological day and age, there is a huge calling for a change in how we approach, educate and keep our employees. That change might very well be based on a video. Old systems and rules no longer apply. Easy-to-use, smart and adaptable systems will eventually rule over all. Engage your employees from the start so you can keep them till the very end!

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