The Ultimate Employee Time Tracking Tool Comparison Checklist

Ultimate Time Tracking Tool Comparison List
Summary: Which hour keeper is best for your budget? This employee time tracking tool comparison checklist has all the essentials you need to vet vendors.

Everything You Need To Know To Compare Employee Time Tracking Tools

What does it take for rapid employee time tracking tool comparison? We’ve come a long way since Fred Flintstone punched out using dinosaur chompers after sliding down a tail. In fact, now there are so many time tracking apps to choose from that the process can be overwhelming. Where do you start your search? How do you whittle down your shortlist to find the best tool for your team? What should you look for get top ROI? These are all valid questions that this checklist can help you address as all the resources below are designed to qualify vendors and get max value for money.

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8 Ways To Compare Employee Time Tracking App Solutions

1. Features

Every app in your time tracking tool comparison list has unique selling points. Sure, there’s always some overlap. For instance, most solutions have built-in timers. The key is to look for features that standout from the crowd and align with your use case. You may not necessarily require a group calendar or certain reporting functions. This means that you can move a handful of apps to the top of your list because they meet your targeted needs. So, identify your must-have features beforehand so that you can compare them with the vendor’s USPs.

2. Price Point

Of course, price is always a factor. You’re looking for a platform that offers top value for money, but it also needs to be within budget. So, use an online directory to evaluate pricing options, such as starting cost and licensing types. Then visit the vendor’s site to learn more about their plans and subscription fees. As well as all the additional features or support that comes with it. Finally, send your top choices an RFP for personalized cost quotes.

3. Support Services

What level of support does your team need? Every employee time tracking app provider features some level of support. Even if it’s a help desk where you can send questions or an online FAQ to troubleshoot issues on your own. Vendors should outline all their support services in the exclusive time tracking software directory. But you may want to visit their site for more details. For example, they do offer phone support. However, it’s only for their top pricing tier. It’s also wise to test their support firsthand. Do they reply to emails within a day or do you wait around for a week? More importantly, how do they respond? Are they knowledgeable about their time tracking tech and do they seem to value customer care?

4. Customer Training

Support services usually involve direct interactions with the software company. But there are also customer training resources that allow you to resolve problems autonomously, for example, tutorials, demo videos, and checklists that walk you through the setup process or help you add new users and customize the group calendar. This is another thing to verify before making your final decision. Some vendors only unlock their library for paying customers. On the other hand, many make it available to the public so that you can analyze the UI and features in action.

5. User Interface

The number one question on your team’s mind is: can I actually use this tool? There are two factors to consider. First, it needs to offer them personal benefits. Secondly, it must be easy to use for every member of your workforce. As such, look for time tracking apps with user-friendly UIs and personalization options. For instance, your team prefers a timeline view of their work week versus a monthly calendar. They also want to pin important functions to their dashboard.

6. Add-Ons

Add-ons can mean the difference between a great time tracking app versus a software game-changer. For example, there’s an integration that allows you to automatically send invoices to clients based on project hours. This streamlines the entire billing process so that your team can focus on other tasks. This boosts workplace productivity and increases profits. Determine which functions you need—on top of the ones that come standard—and ask vendors about add-ons.

7. Social Proof

Does the vendor have positive ratings and reviews? Are they active on social media, and how do they engage with followers? Another effective way to compare hour keeper solutions is to establish social proof. Ideally, you need software that’s tried and tested. One that features the best CX and customer service in your price range. But it should also score high marks in terms of usability and usefulness.

8. Free Trials

The last item on the checklist is free trials and demos. Many vendors give you the opportunity to test out the tool before you buy. This also allows you to evaluate the software on your own, as well as get team feedback. For instance, they don’t care for the layout or lack of customization. Or maybe they want a tool with a break timer to stay productive and maintain balance. You can even host a wrap up event afterward to ask for their input and software recommendations.


This employee time tracking tool comparison list is a springboard. You may need to add more items as you do your market research. For instance, you might come across an amazing site you can use for future vendor vetting. Also, don’t forget to ask your team for suggestions. Staffers who’ve used the best time tracker can point you in the right direction and tell you why the tool is top-notch. Plus, they already know your use case and current gaps so, they’re better equipped to make targeted recommendations that benefit your bottom line.

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