Enhancing Training Through The Right Use Of Technology

Enhancing Training Through The Right Use Of Technology
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Summary: Successful eLearning stems from making the most out of current technological trends. Finding the right tools for the right jobs increases performance and enhances your effectiveness.

Enhancing Training With Technology: How To Make The Most Out Of It

Technology has improved the way the world communicates, and with that revolution, the way we train our workforce. By utilizing technology in exciting and innovative ways, mundane training can be customized and delivered to users faster than ever before. Training is constantly changing and improving thanks to the use of creative solutions. By adapting our training to reflect the trends, our courses become more beneficial to our learners. We can build trainings that are cutting edge, designed with the learner in mind, and as accessible as possible for our employees.

Keeping The Learner In Mind

Customizable corporate training continues to be an important part of a company’s success, and it’s a rising trend for industry success [1]. In a world of one-size-fits-few, corporate training must be tailored to reflect a company’s needs. The right tools can deliver the right content to the learners by focusing on these needs, and challenging learner participation through interactive features.

A good course can be built to deliver knowledge, but a great course can be built to deliver that same knowledge in an interactive format, which improves learner retention. When choosing a solution for deploying content to your users, think about the ways to give your learners a unique digital experience that will get them actively involved in completing their training.

Being Available, Whenever/Wherever

Training isn’t limited to a scheduled time in a designated place. Training has the convenience of being available whenever and wherever the learner may be. A dependable LMS gives content an opportunity to be accessible on the go, from a variety of resources, such as tablets and mobile devices. On-demand training provides convenience and accessibility to your employees, granting them the benefit of immediate knowledge.

There are several benefits to offering training resources that are available to your users whenever they need it most. Users can use these resources to refresh their skill set before attempting a specific project, new employees can refer back to previously administered compliance policies during periods of downtime, and all users gain the benefit of building their daily schedules around available resources.

To ensure that your training is readily available, a dependable LMS is crucial. Any LMS can host your training, but the right LMS can provide your training with more opportunities to be great. An excellent LMS can verify learner participation, completion, and success every time your courses are taken by your users. Learners can explore your library and customize their learning by personalizing the trajectory of their user experience. As administrators, you can analyze the reports and evaluate the effectiveness of your trainings. This kind of feedback can shape the direction for future trainings, and improve the performance of your employees.

The Cutting Edge

Training has to be customized to your learner and has to fit their schedules. There are times when practical skills trainings like learning specific procedures or processes of complex machines are not possible to coordinate without making intense preparation. However, these obstacles can be bypassed, if you know of creative solutions that can offer alternative learning strategies.

For example, advances in augmented reality and virtual reality offer insightful training opportunities that don’t require as much preparation as shutting down a factory work floor or assembling a simulated environment. Training that was once only possible in small, calculated intervals and cost thousands of dollars in diverted resources can now be duplicated more frequently and at a fraction of the cost.

With the right technology, training can be as immersive as you need it to be. Technology is pushing the boundaries in exciting ways where we can now augment reality through virtual means and build custom learning environments that are available when needed. This gives trainers the liberty to create classes that allow users to experience operations, functions, and full 360-degree exposure to objects in a safe, artificial environment. This reduces conflict in scheduling for trainers, equipment, and resources, and allows the user to get the full experience when it is most convenient for them.


Training will only continue to evolve, and the way we incorporate these changes determines how successful we are at developing the skills needed for our employees to excel at their jobs. Building the right course demands the right authoring tools, accessible coursework, and the best practices to maximize learner engagement.

Finding the right balance between training and technology helps L&D professionals deliver the best possible courses by the most accessible means, which leads to greater learner engagement.


  1. 98% of All Companies Plan to Use E-Learning by 2020 with Opportunities for Small Biz
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