Exclusive e-Learning Summit Held At London Business School

Exclusive eLearning Summit held at London Business School

There are five principal reasons you should attend:

  1. You will hear of the latest insights and trends from key players within the industry
  2. You will be introduced to disruptive businesses in the sector in Europe and learn about their business models
  3. You will hear of the investment focus occurring in other markets and how that applies to Europe
  4. You will have the opportunity to meet the senior management of e-Learning companies as well as investors in the sector
  5. You will see the launch of the European EdTech 20: Europe's 20 most innovative and fastest growing businesses (To apply download the form here)

Tickets are priced at £360 until 12th April, a 20% discount to the full price. If you would like to attend we would encourage early registration as places are limited. Please email info@edtecheurope.com with your direct contact details to register your interest. Below is a summary of some of the topics we will be addressing on the day.

Keynote Speech: Engaging Content

The digital environment brings with it new forms of content. It is not a question of how to digitise what has gone before but instead how to respond to the new capabilities that creative design, software and big data can bring. We will explore the impact of gamification, personalisation, adaptive and immersive learning. Can the traditional publishers respond quickly enough? How much more effective is learning through entertainment? Is personalised learning what the user wants?

Keynote Speech: Delivery in the e-Learning Age

Anywhere and anytime is the promise of e-Learning. We look at how the access to content through different channels and devices impacts the approach to learning. How is Europe set up to deliver wireless and mobile learning? Does the market depend on users' own devices (BYOD)? Who is the gatekeeper to the content? We will then look at the rise of the MOOCs and alternative access to learning. Is there a business case for MOOCs? Will the value of content be driven down to zero?

Keynote Speech: Return on Education (RoE): Assessment & Analytics

With data, we can measure and analyse the return on education. The opportunity to track and respond to learning experiences in an e-Learning world using big data analytics is now a reality. Data can be used to manage resources more efficiently at a micro level within schools and businesses and also at a macro level to determine policy. Data can be used to understand the learning process, record our progress and improve effectiveness. How much of the learning process will data analytics transform? Who should own this data? For whose benefit are Learning Record Stores? What aspects of the industry will be affected? A report focused on European EdTech will be released at the conference. At the beginning of the year, IBIS Capital released the “e-Learning Lessons for the Future”, an in-depth industry report. If you would like a copy of the report, please request it by emailing corporatefinance@ibiscapital.co.uk.

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