Finding The Best Instructional Design Bachelor Degree: 6 Selection Criteria

Finding The Best Instructional Design Bachelor Degree: 6 Selection Criteria
Summary: Looking for tips that can help you choose the best Instructional Design Bachelor Degree in order to achieve your professional goals? In this article, I’ll share a variety of tips that will allow you to find the ideal program, by mentioning some factors to consider, regardless of your current level of experience or desired specialty.

6 Selection Criteria To Consider When Searching For The Best Instructional Design Bachelor Degree

Pursuing an instructional design bachelor degree can give eLearning professionals the knowledge and skills they need to design eLearning courses that meet performance and learning objectives by effectively using eLearning authoring tools, learning management systems, and instructional design theories and models. However, finding the right instructional design bachelor degree that allows you to achieve your career goals can be a daunting task, thanks to the fact that nowadays, there are so many to choose from. In this article, I’ll share some top tips that can help you find the best instructional design bachelor degree most suitable to your needs.

  1. Check what is included in fees.
    The price that is listed on the university’s website may not include all of the fees you’ll have to pay. This is why you should ask the admissions coordinator about the tuition fees and any additional expenses that you will personally be expected to pay after enrollment. Also, ask about payment plans or tuition assistance and determine when and how payments are going to be made. For instance, are there installment plans that will automatically be debited from your bank account or will you be asked to submit your entire tuition payment up front?
  2. Consider your future educational pursuits.
    If you are planning on pursuing higher degrees, such as a Master’s or Doctorate, find out if the university you are considering offers such programs. You may also want to verify whether or not the credits you are earning are transferable if you decide to switch to another academic institution. Depending on the university, these credits may be accepted or not, so it is wise to check in advance. Last, but certainly not least, if there is a specialization you would like to concentrate on, ensure that the instructional design bachelor degree you consider focuses on the skills and information you will need for your niche. Will they prepare you for the additional online classes you are planning on taking, or would you need to seek out other supplemental online programs in order to prepare yourself for this particular specialization?
  3. Search for online statistics and reviews.
    Thanks to the internet, we can now have access to a wide range of research tools that can help us choose the best instructional design bachelor degree. It’s always a good idea to look up online reviews for the program under consideration to see what past and present participants have to say and how they qualitatively rank it in terms of academic reputation. In addition, you may want to think about looking up specific stats for the program. For example, many universities give you the opportunity to view their completion and drop-out statistics, as well as acceptance figures that can let you know how easy or difficult it is to get into the program.
  4. Ensure they offer support.
    Even if you don’t anticipate having any issues once you’ve enrolled in an instructional design bachelor degree, it’s always best to opt for a university that offers student support services. This may come in the form of virtual chats under guidance of a counselor, tutoring, or through emails that allow you to address your concerns and ask the faculty questions. All sort of problems might arise when you are attending an instructional design bachelor degree, and student support services may give you the opportunity to clarify any issues that might stand in the way of successfully completing the online course. Keep in mind that some universities may offer support services for an additional fee, in which case you should determine if the support services provided really worth the investment.
  5. Check for accreditation.
    There are a variety of benefits with choosing an online instructional design bachelor’s Degree that is accredited. An accreditation lets you know that the institution under consideration has met specific standards set forth by the academic community. This means that you can rest assured you’re getting a high quality education and tells employers that you earned your Online Instructional Design Bachelor degree at a school that has a positive academic reputation. If the university’s website doesn’t mention anything about accreditation or what level of accreditation they have received, then it is always a good idea to ask the admissions coordinator.
  6. Determine whether curriculum is in-line with your professional objectives.
    When you enroll in an instructional design bachelor degree, chances are that you have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve by earning your degree. Not only should you have a firm grasp of what you need to learn, which skill sets you need to develop further and how you will be applying this new found knowledge, but also you should know what career you want to pursue. Therefore, you should determine if the curriculum is in-line with your professional objectives. If you don’t have any specific preference in mind with respect to specialization, then you may want to opt for a program that covers a more general point of view, which allows you to learn as much as possible about eLearning.

Use these tips to find the best Instructional Design Bachelor Degree for you that will broaden your career opportunities and will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge you need to design eLearning courses that leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

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