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Free eBook: Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook - New Ideas And Examples

Do you go to bed worrying about the quality of your digital learning? Are you under pressure from directors to deliver more learning in less time? As an ambitious Digital Learning Manager or someone new to Digital Learning Management, you would have wished for a job aid that would offer you personal experiences from the world’s top digital learning managers or difficulties and ways to overcome them.
Free eBook: Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook - New Ideas And Examples

Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook: Ideas And Examples From The World’s Top Digital Learning Managers

Learning delivery is changing. The old way of designing, developing, and delivering eLearning is inefficient and costly. It’s more important than ever that you have the right team, processes, and tools to ensure you can produce engaging eLearning fast.

At Elucidat, Steve Penfold and the team work with digital learning managers to help them deliver beautiful eLearning faster through better use of technology. Steve has seen the challenges learning managers face. He believes that, to overcome these challenges, managers need to focus on three ideas: people management, processes, and tools.

The Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook will show you how to implement these three ideas. Industry experts will share examples that will get you thinking differently about the way you manage your team and deliver your digital learning.

Why read the Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook?

  • Learn how to streamline processes so you create more learning with less budget.
  • Learn how to create engaging eLearning that appeals to modern learners who have reduced attention spans.
  • Discover the tools that can help all of your team, even the non-technical, to create powerful, engaging eLearning.
  • Impress your boss by implementing systems that enable faster behavioral change and produce better-skilled staff.
  • Learn to create eLearning in weeks, not months.

Who can benefit?

  • Digital learning managers
  • Learning professionals and SMEs, even the non-technical
  • Online training providers

About the Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook

Steve Penfold, Director at Elucidat, has organized the Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook into three sections:

  1. How to manage the team:
    This chapter focuses on ideas that can help you create and manage a high-performing team that can succeed in the current environment.
  2. How to author engaging learning:
    This chapter shows you how scenario-based learning and gamification can help you engage and motivate learners.
  3. How to author faster:
    This chapter provides useful time-saving tactics to help you create more eLearning in less time.

Inside each chapter, you will find real-world examples to show you exactly how to implement the ideas mentioned.

The Digital Learning Manager’s Handbook is available as a free download from Elucidat.

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