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The Flash To HTML5 Course Conversion Solution

Learners have simultaneously become more mobile and technologically connected. Zunos says a Global Workplace Analytics report found that employees are not at their desks for about 50-60% of the day. And the Pew Research Center says more than 80% of adults from 18-49 own a smartphone, as well as 58% of ages 50-64. Allen Communication CEO Ron Zamir sees the conversion of legacy Flash courses to responsive HTML5 design as a critical way to deliver training to modern learners. Without including a mobile-responsive redesign as part of the conversion to HTML5, companies will still be left with courses that effectively only work on desktop. Zamir wrote Flash To HTML5 Redesign: Conversion With A Purpose to help companies make an informed decision about how they approach a conversion to HTML5.


The Flash to HTML5 Redesign eBook is authored by Ron Zamir, CEO of Allen Communication. AllenComm is a leading custom training, content development, and learning technology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, focused on creating solutions that meet company goals and make a business impact.

A 25-year industry veteran, Ron helps clients navigate the choices that lead to effective training. He has worked globally in Israel and the U.S., leading training organizations both as a vendor and an executive. He now brings that experience to clients across the world, as he presents onsite about key trends and innovations in the learning and development industry.

About The Flash To HTML5 eBook

This eBook acts as a guide to help Learning and Development professionals analyze the reasons to consider converting courses from Flash to HTML5, look at whether courses need a straight conversion or a user-centric redesign, and the benefits to companies who convert. As mobile learning and training accessibility become a key part of modern training strategies, it’s more important than ever to begin planning how you can transition legacy out of largely inaccessible Flash courses. A responsive course built with HTML5 is one of the best, easiest ways to make your content usable again and increase accessibility to empower users.

This ebook covers:

  • Why Flash is dying.
  • Why companies need to consider Flash to HTML5 conversion.
  • Additional benefits from conversion for your company.
  • AllenComm’s comprehensive process to convert and redesign your legacy content to increase accessibly and engagement.

Why Read?

As learners are increasingly immersed in a technologically driven world and globally dispersed, Learning and Development departments need to use strategies that reach learners at their point of need. A Flash to HTML5 conversion gives your company training that can be delivered on any device, ensuring your content fits your learning strategy instead of strategy changing to meet content restraints.

HTML5 empowers users to find information how, when and where they need it most, which means they’ll turn to your content for answers instead of other sources. If you’re unsure why converting to HTML5 is becoming an urgent need, or how training vendors can help, this eBook will help answer those questions so you can lay a strong foundation for good training.

Flash To HTML5 Redesign: Conversion With A Purpose is available as a download from Allen Communication. Readers who contact AllenComm by Dec. 15 will receive 10% off conversion services.

eBook Release: VIVAHR
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