10 Scary Realities Of Corporate e-Learning

by Allen Interactions

In many professional areas, it is usually a good strategy to look to common practices in the field as a guide—maybe not for the most cutting-edge ideas, but at least for reliable models to follow. Unbeknownst to many, in e-Learning, this is often a recipe destined for disaster. In this eBook, you will find 10 (unfortunately) common design practices that represent some of the scariest realities of corporate e-learning. Avoid them at all costs.

Key Chapters

  1. Uncover the unfortunate realities of corporate e-learning that hinder employee engagement and cause cognitive overload.

  2. Discover insider tips to avoid these frightening corporate e-learning realities and maximize your L&D impact.

  3. Learn how sound instructional design and an experienced e-learning solutions provider can help you steer clear of these haunting truths.

The learner has to be engaged through meaningful Context with almost immediate opportunities to perform. PowerPoint presentations are generally built as a tool to help the instructor, not the learner.

Your instructional design should leave a lasting impression (for all of the right reasons). This guide outlines 10 corporate eLearning mistakes and valuable tips that designers should ignore at their own peril.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.