4 Pillars Playbook: Creating Interactive eLearning Instructional Designs

by Allen Interactions

CCAF design is strikingly simple for revealing what is necessary to create engaging and transformative learning interactions. However, there is also surprising complexity in how designers can master this model to create the best possible eLearning. Join us to explore this complexity and establish some straightforward insight into how to best integrate interactive eLearning instructional designs into your digital learning design process. Download this insightful read by Ethan Edwards, Chief Instructional Strategist, today!

Key Chapters

  1. Pillar #1: Context

    Training is about communicating meaning, and meaning is conveyed―to a huge degree―through Context.

  2. Pillar #2: Challenge

    The Challenge in CCAF is an invitation―an invitation to engage, to be fully involved, to join in, to take part. This invitation is not as an adversary as suggested by being tested and threatened, but rather as a partner.

  3. Pillar #3: Activity

    Activity is at the very core of any instructional interaction. What the learner is asked to do has an enormous impact in creating focus, engaging full attention and senses, creating memories, and setting the model for transferring skills to the performance environment.

  4. Pillar #4: Feedback

    5 successful strategies to design effective and impactful instructional feedback.

Interactivity exists in a wide and varying range of complexity, from simple navigation to intricate simulations. But all interactions are not equal in terms of how well they facilitate learning.

The ultimate goal is to create a meaningful connection with your learning audience. This guide explores the 4 crucial cornerstones of interactive eLearning so that you can engage, inspire, and motivate your online learners.

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