Accessibility Considerations In The World Of Online Training And Learning

by Adobe Connect

True accessibility is more about removing barriers and creating an inclusive environment that assures effective learning for all.

Key Chapters

  1. Why Does Accessibility Matter In The Context Of Adult Learning?

    Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn, however, those with disabilities are sometimes unintentionally excluded from the same experiences their colleagues have. The ramifications are far-reaching

  2. The Business Value Of Inclusion

    Many businesses today are focused on inclusion. Much has been written about the need to embrace diversity and inclusion, and the value that a corporate culture of inclusion offers. Experts agree that diversity fosters a more creative and innovative workplace, and can give organizations a competitive edge in a globalized world.

  3. Designing VILT To Be More Accessible

    When choosing a virtual training platform, learning leaders should focus on solutions that offer a broad array of accessible features. Take advantage of tools that offer accessibility checks, such as Adobe Acrobat Pro, Accessibility Checklist by Elsevier, and Color Contrast Checker by Monsido. While they may not catch every error, they can be helpful as part of a framework for evaluating the accessibility of eLearning projects and virtual training initiatives.

  4. The Open University Case Study: An Inspirational Model For All

    The Open University (OU) occupies a unique position in UK higher education, being the largest provider of part-time and distance learning. It has the highest proportion of students declaring a disability. Accessible learning material, with embedded figure descriptions, transcripts, and alternative formats, is available for any course that a student might register for.

Just as agile-minded thinking can transform a company’s culture, accessibility integration can actually serve as a catalyst for innovation and continuous improvement.

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