Adaptive Learning: The Key To Cultivating a Successful Workforce

by Docebo

Best-in-class companies and industry leaders are strained to develop internal talent to meet emerging business needs. Companies using adaptive analytics (and using their LMS as more than a content repository) are more likely to increase learner engagement and adoption.

(Created by Aberdeen Group, licensed for distribution by Docebo)

Key Chapters

  1. Today’s Learning Content Management

    When it comes to effectively managing learning content, the majority of organizations (including best-in-class leaders) are not making the most out of their LMS.

  2. From Learning Content Management to Adaptive Learning

    Companies using adaptive content analytics are more likely than those using only a traditional LMS to find that more of their workforce is engaged in their work.

  3. Connecting the Dots

    Adaptive learning involves changing how management thinks about engagement as it relates to development.

The truth is that for more than a third of Industry Leaders, the LMS has become little more than a box of unmanaged content.

Overcoming employee skills gaps is a major challenge for many companies. Docebo's report showcases how adaptive learning provides the answers to talent management and how best-in-class companies utilize an LMS towards employee development.

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Christopher Pappas
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