The State Of Online Learning For Enterprises

by Docebo and Charles Jennings, co-founder of The 70:20:10 Institute

Learning and Development professionals are not immune to the constant of change. Download this Docebo eBook, published in partnership with The 70:20:10 Institute, to understand the new ways technologies, such as the emergence of artificial intelligence, are shifting how L&D serves its stakeholders and the opportunity that exists within change.

Key Chapters

  1. The State of the Industry

    Are HR and L&D departments well positioned to exploit their role as agents of continuous improvement? In this eBook, you’ll learn the state of online learning for enterprises.

  2. The Workplace as an Agent for Learning

    The changing and increasingly technology-enabled nature of work requires L&D professionals to apply a greater focus on informal learning. Explore how you can leverage the potential benefits of new learning technologies.

  3. Bringing Working & Learning Together

    Support organizational performance by shifting the focus from formal content-rich learning to learning as a benefit of continuous work improvement. This eBook will show you how to bring working and learning together.

For L&D to remain relevant, we need to develop new, business-focused and technology-enabled ways to support workers to deliver business results

There is no denial of the impact new technologies have on L&D. Artificial Intelligence and Lifelong Learning go hand in hand. So does Informal Learning. First off, your L&D team needs to set clear objectives. To reach your company's goals, they have to come up with a learning strategy that will bring the best out of your employees. If you want to change the landscape of your employee training, you have to embrace the future. This eBook can guide you through this transformation.

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