Close The Learning Loop - Align L&D To Business Goals

by Matt Powell at Docebo

Only 10-15% of companies have well-developed learning programs that are aligned to strategy and desired business outcomes. It’s time to close the loop between L&D and the core objectives of your organization and prove the value of learning.

Key Chapters

  1. Start with an ”ideal” in mind

    Understand where the learning function best supports business strategy and goals. Find out what are the 5 key traits all learning organizations share.

  2. Define strengths + opportunities, plus how to leverage them

    Understand organizational strengths and opportunities as a whole and the best ways to leverage them. Learn how to create the optimal structure for L&D within your organization.

  3. Reorganization requires realignment

    Consider the informal mechanisms that enable team and business partner relationships, including casual office conversations, social learning tools, etc. Explore why smarter learning technologies will play a key role in connecting L&D to business value.

Successful learning organizations are supported by a collaborative learning culture, in which each person plays an important role in the overall framework.

An effective employee training strategy is vital to achieving business success. Yet, most L&D teams fail to reach their business goals. Your training programs must reflect your higher business objectives. It is equally important that they are set to bring maximum ROI. To accomplish that L&D teams and objectives must be aligned.

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Christopher Pappas
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