Adult Learning And Levels Of Interactivity In eLearning

by Raptivity

This eBook focuses on how adults learn and how interactivity helps make eLearning courses highly engaging and productive for them. The book begins with an introduction to Adult Learning. It then expounds various levels of interactivity and examples of interactions for each level. It also explains the instructional usage of each type of interaction. This eBook will suggest you some interactions to add while creating an interactive eLearning course for adult learners.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction to Adult Learning

    - How do adults learn?
    - 4 things to consider when designing an eLearning course for adult learners.

  2. Adult Learning and Levels of Interactivity

    There are typically four levels of interactivity in the context of eLearning and which describe the degree of interchange between the eLearning course and the learner. The interactions, on the other hand, refer to the templates or designs that are used to build interactivity in the eLearning course. Thus, interactions can be termed as a subset of interactivity.

  3. Level 1 Interactivity

    - Buildup and Rollover
    - Flash or Flip Cards
    - Steps or Ladder Depiction
    - Pyramid
    - Panning Cards

  4. Level 2 Interactivity

    - Tabs
    - Interactive eBook
    - Character Dialog or Conversation
    - Interactive Video
    - Labeled Images or Graphics

  5. Level 3 Interactivity

    - Scenario Exercise or Mini Scenario
    - Role Play
    - Visual Assessment
    - Mind Map
    - Classification or Sorting

  6. Level 4 Interactivity

    - Complex Simulations
    - Serious Games

  7. Conclusion

    Choosing the right combination and amount of interactions is the key for effective adult learning. Needless to say, the essence of learning objectives and content must stay at the core for any Interactivity level.

Adults are goal and relevancy oriented. However, you need not always have high levels of interactivity for adult learners. Lower levels of interactivity that ask them challenging questions, make them think, and make them solve problems close to real world environment will have a good impact and result.

Getting introduced to the world of adult learning is one thing, and comprehending how the different levels of interactivity can help you achieve the engagement and productivity you are after, every time, is another. That's why it is great to get valuable insight for both, by delving on this must-read of an eBook, that Raptivity has carefully composed for you. In its pages, you'll find plenty of examples, for activities that will establish the kind of interactivity you want for your adult learning. See what suits your organization's and audience's needs and engage!

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network