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Understanding The Intersection Of AI And Human Capability In L&D


Understanding The Intersection Of AI And Human Capability In L&D

by Matt Powell at Docebo and David Wentworth at Brandon Hall Group / Published: Nov 11 2019

What it's about

Learning technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) equips L&D professionals with the tools to amplify knowledge and provide learners with the skills they need to increase performance and make a real business impact. In this report, published in partnership with Brandon Hall Group, we tackle how AI and human capability works in tandem to drive business performance.

Key chapters

  • Deep Learning And Artificial Neural Networks

    Deep learning represents the jump from telling computers what to do, to provide examples of what to do, and letting them figure out how to apply it to other situations.
  • AI Pillars In eLearning

    AI can provide multiple advantages to L&D, much the way process automation has helped the organization, but to an even higher degree.
  • Upskilling Learning

    AI isn’t getting rid of jobs—it’s changing jobs. These changes require the L&D function to change, as well.

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