The Future Of Work Guide: Why More Organizations Are Discovering The Benefits Of Immersive Learning

by Mark Zides, Founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting

Get an overview of the emerging technologies designed to support innovative learning programs. Explore the potential of immersive learning tools—VR, AR, 360 video, gamification and business simulations and how to implement them in your organization to maximize the benefits.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

    Are you ready for the next evolution in learning? As the world prepares to return to a post-Covid world, the “new normal” has become clear: employees are willing and able to work and learn from home.

  2. The Future Of Remote Work

    Organizations are better prepared to provide the digital tools and training to enable employees to work and learn remotely. The technology that was once seen as a “nice to have” has suddenly become an essential service to allow many organizations to survive and thrive.

  3. What Is Immersive Learning?

    Leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver enriching learning experiences that drive retention and behavior shifts. Immersive learning technologies range from deeply engaging virtual reality to interactive augmented reality.

  4. The Tools Of Immersive Learning

    Outlining different types of emerging technologies that are used specifically to support immersive learning programs. Virtual reality, business simulations, gamification, 360 video and augmented reality.

  5. Virtual Reality Simulation Vs. Live Role Playing

    While role playing is an effective tool for allowing learners to practice in a real-world situation, it can often become tedious and difficult to manage. Discover top challenges involved with live role playing and how virtual reality simulation is different.

  6. The Business Case For Immersive Learning

    Immersive learning and learning technology are designed to help L&D teams measure learning and track progress. Summarizing learning metrics and big data, attracting quality hires and improving scalability.

  7. Customer Success Story

    A closer look at how an internationally renowned retailer leverages VR learning. This is a story from one of our major partners that demonstrates how virtual reality can be an essential part of an organization’s learning strategy.

  8. What To Look For In A Learning Partner

    Navigating the technology landscape can be challenging without an experienced guide. There are many factors to consider before investing in emerging technologies to support immersive learning.

  9. Conclusion

    A bird’s eye view of the potential that immersive learning and emerging technologies can bring to your learning programs.

  10. Sources

    Additional sources of valuable information.

Understanding the complexity of the technology landscape can be a significant task. However, it’s the first necessary step toward becoming a learning champion for your organization.

How do you engage and inspire your telecommuting teams? This guide shows you how to tap into the power of immersive learning and foster real world experience remotely.

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