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Beyond Blended Learning: A Winning Formula For Remote Workforce Talent


Beyond Blended Learning: A Winning Formula For Remote Workforce Talent

by MindSpring (formerly known as Inno-Versity) / Published: Nov 12 2021

What it's about

This eBook explores the concept of blended learning for remote workforces and on-site teams. Follow along as fictional company AshCom faces L&D challenges and rethinks traditional blended learning strategies using an innovative formula for success.

Key chapters

  • Working From Home Hurdles: Can Blended Learning Help You Develop Talent Remotely?

  • Bridging Gaps And Boosting Performance With A Holistic Blended Learning Approach

  • Lower The Learning Curve: Upskilling And Reskilling Remote Workforces In Record Time

  • Remote Work Trials And Tribulations: Can Blended Learning Solutions Build Experiential Knowledge AND Cut Costs?

  • Crunching The Numbers: Is It Time To Rethink The Blended Learning Equation?

  • What Is Blended Learning?: The Formula For Remote Talent Development Success

  • The First Factor (N1): How To Identify Your Organizational Needs With An In-Depth Analysis

  • The Second Factor (N2): What Do Your Remote Learners Need To Overcome Emerging Challenges?

  • Devising The Best Blended Learning Program For Your Biggest Business Challenges

  • Making The Most Of Today’s Blended Learning Technologies, Tools, And Techniques

  • Choosing The Right Blended Learning Design Elements And Modalities For Your Modern Workforce

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