Embracing Remote Working Challenges: How To Launch Learning Experiences Built On Solid Learning Science

by MindSpring / Published: Apr 12 2022

What it's about

Companies not offering remote opportunities are struggling to retain and attract good workers. Flexibility is key, but does the time-tested learning science support virtual learning experiences designed exclusively for remote positions?    

Key chapters

  • Remote Working Roadblocks: Is Your Team Ready For Virtual Learning?

  • Lunch And Learns: How To Use Internal Crowdsourcing To Devise Innovative L&D Solutions

  • The Brain Science Behind Memorable Virtual Learning Experiences

  • Making The Human Connection: Psychological Factors To Consider For Virtual Learning Strategies

  • Cultivating A Collaborative Learning Culture: Tips To Bridge The Geographical Divide With Learning Sociology

  • Linguistics In L&D: Mastering The Form And Function Of Language In Learning

  • Choice In The Face Of Scarcity: The Role Of Consumer Science In Virtual Training

  • Putting Learning Science Into Action With Sound Instructional Design

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