Blended Learning LMS Buyer's Guide: Tips To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Your SMB

by eLearning Industry

How is conventional training problematic, and how can the blended learning approach fix it? Is there any way to convince employers blended learning software is the way to go? Are traditional instructors expected to take a backseat to learning technologies? How can blended learning be leveraged to train your leadership team and build crucial skills? Download our eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more…

Key Chapters

  1. Blended Learning LMS Benefits: 6 Traditional Training Gaps That Blended Learning Software Can Remedy

    Some of the most notable benefits that blended learning software can bring to your organization.

  2. 7 Reasons To Opt For Blended Learning Software Over Full-Fledged Online Training

    Convincing reasons why you should opt for blended learning software over full-fledged online training.

  3. 7 Blended Learning Myths And The Truth Behind Blended Learning LMS Implementation

    Some of the most common blended learning software myths and the truth behind blended learning LMS implementation.

  4. 7 Tips To Leverage Your Blended Learning Platform For Management Online Training

    Tips on how to use your new blended learning platform for online training management.

  5. Blended Learning LMS Gems: 7 Activities To Add To Your Blended Learning Platform To Improve On-The-Job Performance

    Online training activities to add to your blended learning platform to boost on-the-job performance and productivity.

  6. 6 Top Concerns Your L&D Team Has About The New Blended Learning Platform, And Tips To Ease Them Into A Blended Learning LMS

    Some of the blended learning platform issues your L&D team may be worried about, and how to assuage these matters.

  7. What Is A Blended Learning LMS? 7 Features That Set Blended Systems Apart From Traditional Platforms

    Features that set blended learning LMS solutions apart from traditional platforms.

  8. 6 Tell-Tale Signs That A Blended Learning LMS Is Best For Your SMB Organization

    Tell-tale signs that a blended learning LMS is the best choice for your SMB organization.

  9. 4 Blended Learning LMS Budgeting Tips To Maximize Your ROI

    Tips to improve your bottom line when investing in a new blended learning LMS.

  10. 6 Ways A Blended Learning LMS Redefines Instructor And Facilitator Roles In Compliance Online Training

    Some of instructor and facilitator's new and unexpected roles when implementing a blended learning LMS.

This eBook summarizes all you need to know so that you can bring the best in your SMB by using a blended learning LMS. Find out how to remedy traditional training gaps by using a Blended Learning LMS. Check how you can leverage your blended learning platform for managing online training. Find out what worries your L&D team and how to ease them into a blended learning platform, plus some activities to add to it to improve on-the-job performance. Download our eBook “Blended Learning LMS Buyer's Guide: Tips To Bring The Best Of Both Worlds To Your SMB”. A useful tool for every training professional.

Blended training offers time-saving opportunities to engage face-to-face, relieving the isolation of strict screen learning. Corporate learners can customize their package and practice verbal communication. They can express themselves and advocate for their needs, while their boss gets a chance to spot their soft skills. This is key for suitable role selection and leadership development. It helps employees get positions that maximize their interests and talents, which leads to higher retention and greater job satisfaction.

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