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Breaking Into The Industry: How To Launch A Successful eLearning Startup And Land New Contracts


Breaking Into The Industry: How To Launch A Successful eLearning Startup And Land New Contracts

by eLearning Industry / Published: Sep 21 2021

What it's about

Launching your own eLearning startup is no easy task! Becoming self-employed means taking care of everything yourself, planning, managing, budgeting, marketing, etc. However, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably decided that going solo is worth the risk. This guide walks you through the process of finding your niche and lists some of the best practices for your eLearning startup business.

Key chapters

  • 7 Tips To Find Your eLearning Startup Niche

    Here are some tips to guide you through the process of finding your own niche and making your mark in the eLearning industry with your startup.
  • 7 eLearning Startup Business Best Practices

    Now that you have decided on a specific eLearning niche, let's highlight some of the best business practices to help your eLearning startup get off on the right foot.
  • How To Launch An eLearning Business With Limited Resources

    In a field as competitive as eLearning, only a creative business angle can set you apart and make your startup successful. More tips on how to launch an eLearning business while keeping the budget to a minimum are featured in this chapter.
  • 5 Steps To Set The Right eLearning Price Point

    Continue on to find out 5 tips to help you set a price for your eLearning services so that you can be competitive in the eLearning industry.
  • 6 Skills EVERY eLearning SMB Owner Should Cultivate

    For your eLearning SMB to flourish, you need certain skills that cannot be taught but can only be cultivated over time. Let’s see what those are and why they are important.
  • 6 Tips To Build A Strong Team Dynamic In Your eLearning Business

    Groups can make better decisions and bring in better results than an individual working alone. However, for a group to be productive, they need to be close together and collaborate organically. Here are some tips on building a strong team dynamic for your eLearning SMB.

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