Building A True Learning Experience Game: Decision Points, Design Steps, And Development Tips

by MindSpring (formerly known as Inno-Versity) / Published: Sep 14 2021

What it's about

What process do organizations go through when deciding to build a true learning experience game? This eBook is that story…a fable if you will. The company, AshCom, is fictional, but their story is based on a real company that wanted to increase its managers’ financial literacy. The learning team’s challenge is to find a way to increase management’s understanding of corporate finance, not a subject that is near and dear to most peoples’ hearts.

Key chapters

  • The Path To Profitability: Why Financial Literacy Learning Is Essential For Managers

  • Competition As A Catalyst: How To Fuel Learner Motivation And Simplify Subject Matter

  • Why Learning Games Truly Matter (And How To Achieve The Fun Factor)

  • Why Employees Can’t Get Enough Of Engaging eLearning Games

  • The Basics Of Building The Best Serious Games For Online Learning Experiences

  • What Are The Types Of Games To Consider For Corporate eLearning?

  • Crucial Decision Points In The True Game Development Process

  • Game Development Outsourcing: Three Pointers To Pick The Perfect Partner

  • The Four Phases Of Building A True Game That Wows Your Workforce

  • Is It Worth The Investment?: The Results of Making a True Learning Game

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