Building A True Learning Experience Game: Decision Points, Design Steps, And Development Tips

by Inno-Versity

What process do organizations go through when deciding to build a true learning experience game? This eBook is that story…a fable if you will. The company, AshCom, is fictional, but their story is based on a real company that wanted to increase its managers’ financial literacy. The learning team’s challenge is to find a way to increase management’s understanding of corporate finance, not a subject that is near and dear to most peoples’ hearts.

Key Chapters

  1. The Path To Profitability: Why Financial Literacy Learning Is Essential For Managers

  2. Competition As A Catalyst: How To Fuel Learner Motivation And Simplify Subject Matter

  3. Why Learning Games Truly Matter (And How To Achieve The Fun Factor)

  4. Why Employees Can’t Get Enough Of Engaging eLearning Games

  5. The Basics Of Building The Best Serious Games For Online Learning Experiences

  6. What Are The Types Of Games To Consider For Corporate eLearning?

  7. Crucial Decision Points In The True Game Development Process

  8. Game Development Outsourcing: Three Pointers To Pick The Perfect Partner

  9. The Four Phases Of Building A True Game That Wows Your Workforce

  10. Is It Worth The Investment?: The Results of Making a True Learning Game

While this might not be the typical format for an eBook on building a true game, it is our hope that you will be able to connect with the characters, their challenges, and the solutions they discover. Incorporating gamification is vital to the success of the learning opportunities we create.

This new addition to the AshCom series doesn't disappoint! You'll learn how to design meaningful and memorable game-based experiences for your team and tips to find the perfect outsourcing partner.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of eLearning Industry, Inc.