Building The Business Case For Learning Technology Systems

by Docebo

This report focuses on why companies need to rethink their learning technology decisions and help organizations understand what type of learning management system is required to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the learning audience.

(Created by Brandon Hall Group, licensed for Distribution by Docebo)

Key Chapters

  1. Business Need

    What are the top challenges in addressing the needs of the workforce?

  2. Solution

    What do learning management systems offer today?

  3. Questions to Consider

    What are the questions organizations must ask themselves before making an investment?

  4. Building a Business Case

    What are the action steps to gain buy-in?

  5. Stakeholder Analysis

    Who are they key stakeholders and what do they need to know?

  6. Metrics

    Look at these numbers to better understand and correlate your technology with your learning and development metrics.

Many companies are relying too heavily on legacy systems that do not provide the latest technological advances to support multi-generational learners. Learning and development within companies has reached a new level of sophistication and complexity.

Here's some solid evidence why your learning technology strategy is not working and how to battle that. This report also helps you decide what type of Learning Management System you should opt for to meet the needs of your employees.

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Christopher Pappas
Founder of the eLearning Industry's Network