Social Learning In The Workplace

by eLearning Industry

Social learning platforms can help you make the most of in-house talent, retain your top performers, and increase their level of productivity. In this eBook, discover how to implement a sound social learning strategy to facilitate behavioral change among your team.

Key Chapters

  1. 6 Ways Social Learning In The Workplace Improves Employee Performance

    Find out how to improve workplace performance with an LMS for social learning.

  2. Social Learning Platforms Essentials: 5 Social Learning Examples To Add To Your Online Training Library

    Check out 5 prime social learning examples you may want to add to your online training library.

  3. Step-By-Step Guide To Develop A Successful Social Learning Approach For Your Global Workforce

    We acquire skills and knowledge by watching others and following their example. How can you successfully implement this technique in your corporate training?

  4. 7 Features To Look For In Your New Social Learning Platform And Why

    Discover which social learning platform features you should look for to build teamwork and avoid negative behaviors.

  5. Choosing The Ideal Social Learning Platform: 6 Tips To Use An Online Directory And Reviews

    Here are a few ways to vet vendors and narrow down your options using an online directory and reviews.

  6. 5 Secrets To Cultivate A Collaborative Training Culture With A Social Learning Platform

    Learn how you can create a collaborative training culture for better online training and raised revenue.

  7. 5 Ways To Use An LMS With Discussion Functionality To Tap Into Peer-Based Feedback

    How can an LMS with discussion functionality help employees express themselves more effectively?

  8. 5 Tips To Use An LMS With Live Chat Functionality In Your Online Training Program

    Learning Management Systems offer immense online training benefits, especially if they have a live chat functionality.

  9. 6 Ways Social Learning Platforms Promote Positive Behavior Change In Your Remote Team

    Social learning offers one of the best behavioral models even for a remote wrokforce.

  10. 5 Tips To Implement A Social Learning App For Moment-Of-Need Support

    Learn how to successfully implement a social learning app for JIT support.

  11. 6 Employee-Contributed Activities To Add To Your Social Learning App

    Find out which elements to integrate into your native social training app.

  12. Social Learning Platforms Inside Scoop: 6 Tips To Choose The Best Social LMS Through Careful Vendor Vetting

    Here are 6 tips to choose the best social learning platform for your organization.

Implementing a social learning strategy will allow your employees to become mentors, coaches, and sources of support even for remote team members who need to improve performance behaviors and break bad habits. So, center your social learning strategy around employees to get them more deeply invested and help them retain knowledge. Improve employee performance while building a strong company culture.

Discover insider secrets to launching an effective social learning strategy as well as steps you can take to maximize your social training results. Improve workplace performance, encourage peer-based support, and create a workplace environment of trust and mentorship by choosing the social learning software that will have the right impact on your online training program.

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