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Choosing And Implementing A New LMS Or Migrating To A New Learning Platform?


Choosing And Implementing A New LMS Or Migrating To A New Learning Platform?

by Kallidus / Published: Oct 10 2018

What it's about

This eBook will consider the challenges you may face when choosing and implementing an LMS into your organisation, and will look at ways to mitigate risk to ensure its fit to your organisation’s culture and the long-term success following its execution.

Key chapters

  • Introduction

    Whether you are implementing a new LMS from scratch or simply migrating to a new learning platform, ensure you allocate the right resources to each stage of the process.
  • Seeking: honest LMS, willing to take on my fast-growing or large workforce, for long-term success

    What to ask.
  • How will you engage your learners?

    Once you have decided on your objectives and how your LMS should support them, consider the channels that you wish to use to engage your users.
  • Introducing your LMS to your workforce: the challenges

    Consider who will take ownership of your LMS: will it be IT, HR, Operations, or L&D?
  • Back it up

    There is one factor that is often underestimated by all teams during the initial conversations of implementation: administration.
  • Connecting a disparate workforce

    Large organisations are more likely to have a disparate workforce, with a range of invested interests, priorities, and skillsets, alongside a breadth of technologies.
  • Be prepared

    Spending time planning and preparing for the launch of your LMS will make a huge difference to the success of your implementation.
  • Gaining acceptance from your learners

    The LMS design should support an easy-to-navigate experience.
  • Measuring engagement

    Ensure that the LMS provider you opt for has powerful reporting functionality.
  • Take the bulk from your to-do list

    For your LMS to streamline your learning team structure, centralise data, and enable you to report on learning success across the business, it requires flexibility on the front end and consistency on the backend.

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