How To Leverage A Mobile Learning Strategy To Increase Learner Engagement

by Kallidus

Learning engagement is the main goal of L&D and you can boost it with a mobile learning strategy. Join us on a journey through collaboration, microlearning and strategy development to find out how you can boost engagement through a transformation to mobile learning.

Key Chapters

  1. First an introduction - who are Kallidus?

    A little bit about us, our services, our experiences with mobile, and how our user-driven philosophy can help you get the most out of learning engagement on mobile.

  2. Learning engagement in the workplace

    Definitions, ways to measure it, and simple methods to improve it in the workplace with or without mobile learning.

  3. Mobile learning in the workplace

    What the fuss is all about, the benefits of mobile, and mobile learning trends for 2019 and beyond.

  4. Creating a mobile learning strategy

    A look at who can get involved in strategy creation, some of the challenges to prepare for, essential elements of a successful strategy, and how to report on mobile learning.

  5. Technology, mobile, and learning engagement

    Everything comes together in this guide to bring your own device (BYOD) learning, ROI implications, the importance of microlearning, and how mobile impacts learning engagement.

Smartphones have been in our lives for over a decade now. One of the best things about them is the ability to access anything from Google Maps to takeaway food to online shopping whenever and wherever we need them. Why should learning be any different?

Learning engagement refers to the level of which employees are getting engaged with their workplace training. It includes variables such as completion rates and knowledge retention. Kallidus is an award-winning provider of learning and talent management solutions. Learn all about how you can aid the recruitment process, modernise learning, and help your company reach its full potential at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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Christopher Pappas
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