Compliance Training For The Modern Workforce

by Learning Pool

In today’s environment, we expect employees not only to work better; we expect them to work compliantly too. Download our compliance eBook to discover the impact compliance training can have on an organisation, and how our compliance eLearning module can assist with the modern workforce.

Key Chapters

  1. Why compliance training is so important for the modern workplace

    The modern workplace is fast-paced and driven by efficiencies. Workers are expected to be ready to adapt and evolve as the environment around them and their work change.

  2. Does your compliance training need an update?

    Compliance is a complex and ever-changing area and compliance training needs to keep pace with it. But it’s not just about learning course materials up to date to reflect changes.

  3. Cost considerations for creating your training

    Given the critical importance of compliance training, it’s understandable that it can be a costly undertaking.

  4. Key elements to help you develop an engaging programme

    Learner engagement is a key requirement for any training, but typically compliance training has left learners unimpressed and disengaged.

  5. Best topics to select for your training programme

    Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements cuts across all aspects of business and covers the conduct of all employees.

  6. Developing your compliance training course

    The challenges with compliance that organisations face are significant, but surmountable. Let’s look at 7 common challenges and offer some advice on how to overcome them.

  7. Evaluate your online compliance offering

    Not all compliance training courses are the same. Each will have its particular strengths. The question is how do you decide which is the one for you? Which features does your organisation most need?

  8. Culture of learning in your organisation

    Employers and employees recognise compliance training as necessary, but often regard the actual training as a burden and a drain on productivity.

  9. A Gamified eLearning experience

    When you think of compliance and the risk factors of not being compliant, you’re unlikely to be considering making a game of it. Probably, you’re thinking the opposite: compliance isn’t a game.

Whatever the cost to your organisation of providing compliance training, it’ll never be as costly as not doing so.

We need to admit that compliance training has the potential to be a thorn in the side. So, work with this in mind; you have to make cautious planning, know where to focus, and master the tools that will make your life easier. Learning Pool achieves in offering a preparatory eBook, letting you in on the importance of compliance training for the modern workplace, cost considerations, key elements, best topics, and also how to develop, update, and evaluate your compliance training course. All these and more for you to establish a thriving culture of learning in your organisation – plus tips for gamifying compliance training.

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Christopher Pappas
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