Modernization Uncovered: Flash To HTML5 Conversion And Beyond

by Harbinger Interactive Learning Private Limited

Organizational content is locked in various formats of yesteryears and needs to be converted to newer formats rapidly. But, the concern is, how do you go about it? This eBook addresses the same by uncovering all the nuances of content modernization.

Key Chapters

  1. Introduction

  2. Understanding Modernization

  3. Key Drivers for Modernization

  4. Approaches to Modernize

  5. xSMART – A Unique Framework to Drive Your Content Modernization Initiative

  6. The Modernization Journey

  7. The 4D Process in Execution – A Modernization Case Study

  8. Conclusion

  9. About Harbinger Interactive Learning

Modernization can come in different flavors. Conversion of any kind of legacy content to a newer format to meet current learner demands is modernization—be it Flash to HTML5, long courses to microlearning nuggets, migrating courses designed using an older version of authoring tools to newer versions, and more.

At some moment in time eLearning companies need eLearning content in newer and more modern formats. That means you can be faced by quite the technical and logistical challenge. You will need a company which can perform this action flawlessly and on a large scale. Where do you start to handle high volumes of content, for maximum return on investment? Immerse yourself into the possibilities by downloading this eBook. It's more than worth it!

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Christopher Pappas
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