Migration To Remote Learning: The Need Of The Hour

by Harbinger Interactive Learning

Organizations are now embracing digital transformation and remote learning in their L&D departments by shifting from ILT to VILT. Before implementing the digital transformation steps, and using the solution levers, assessing maturity and readiness is important.

Key Chapters

  1. Remote Learning: Why Now?

    Why is remote learning so relevant now and how can it impact your L&D strategy?

  2. Remote Learning Maturity Model

    In this chapter we classify organizations into three categories based on their readiness and maturity.

  3. The Three Learning Organizations

    From digital novices to digital natives, we cover the 3 types of learning organizations.

  4. Remote Learning Transformation Lifecycle

    These stages form an integral part of the final remote learning outcome that organizations aim to achieve.

  5. Transformation Solution Levers

    Organizations can use three possible levers of digital maturity to monitor and execute their transformation.

  6. Remote Learning Migration: A Case Study

    A mid-sized pharmaceutical company uses eLearning and VILT to train its team for compliance training, company updates, and technical training.

  7. Transforming from Classroom Training to Remote Training for a High-Touch Sales Business: A Case Study

    A fortune 500 financial services provider with presence in over 60 countries worldwide. Due to the COVID -19 outbreak, it became impossible for them to deliver classroom-based training programs. But it was nevertheless the need of the hour to train the sales team on virtual selling skills.

The remote learning transformation lifecycle consists of six crucial steps, and there are three solution levers that organizations can pull to evaluate and drive change in their organization.

The pandemic has forced many organizations to rethink their eLearning strategy. This eBook is an essential read if you need to transition from on-site to online training, regardless of your industry or current goals.

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Christopher Pappas
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