COVID And The Great Resignation: Reimagining The Frontline Workplace And How Employers Can Compete

by Bites / Published: Apr 06 2022

What it's about

"The perfect storm" in the global workspace has led to many names - the great resignation, the great shuffle, and many more terms. We are living in an era that is redefining the way we shop, eat, gather, and do social functions that were seen as so natural before the pandemic set into our lives. Redefining the new normal and coping with labor shortages is done through communication, training, and constant feedback. Hybrid work, new disciplines, and the ever-changing workplace are what this eBook is about.

Key chapters

  • Frontline Workers And The COVID-19 Impact

  • Things To Consider When Managing And Training Remote/Frontline Employees

  • Utilizing Microlearning As The Best Effective Frontline Employee Format

  • How Can Companies Compete For Talent?

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