Fluid & Future-Proof: How To Create And Distribute A Responsive eLearning Course

by gomo Learning

Discover how to ensure your eLearning courses reach your learners instantly and look beautiful – whatever device they are using.

Key Chapters

  1. Why responsive design is the future of elearning

    From smartphones to desktop computers, find out why seamlessly optimized design is something you should be able to count on in your learning courses.

  2. Tell-tale signs that your learners are ready for responsive online courses

    How to spot the answer to that all-important question.

  3. What should you consider when selecting an HTML5 elearning authoring tool?

    The most important aspects you need to think about to use HTML5 to its fullest

  4. The major advantages of creating a responsive elearning course

    You’ll reap the benefits – courses which aren’t responsive risk losing learners quickly.

  5. 5 tips to create a multi-platform-friendly responsive elearning course

    However imaginative your content is, it will only really shine if it’s easy on the eye. This section includes some of the pitfalls you should avoid.

  6. 5 ways to distribute your elearning course to a worldwide audience through gomo

    Allowing your learners to access their programs efficiently on any device and platform will make all the difference to the success of your elearning.

  7. Using xAPI to track the effectiveness of your responsive elearning course

    You probably know that learning analytics is a hot topic: here’s how to use mobile learning tools and collect data to achieve results.

  8. The 7 big benefits of a cloud-based authoring and delivery tool

    By 2018, three-fifths of cloud usage will be cloud-based, and there are good reasons why it’s becoming so popular. Here’s a guide to some of the advantages.

  9. 16 really powerful gomo features to help you make responsive elearning design even easier

    An award-winning authoring tool, gomo is full of handy, easy-to-use features which to help make responsive elearning design even easier for any learning designer and L&D professional.

Responsive design is the future of elearning. No matter how your learners view your content, here’s how to ensure they will always find it easy to read.

Everything you need to know about responsive design is in this eBook: from tell-tale signs that your online learners are ready to engage it to choosing the very best eLearning authoring tools to deploy your multi-platform friendly eLearning courses. If you are still wondering if and why responsive design is the future of eLearning, read on.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network