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Creating A Future Workforce


Creating A Future Workforce

by Performance Development Group / Published: Aug 12 2021

What it's about

This Millennium has been a wild ride so far. Distance learning is no longer optional, remote work is a fact of like, and the speed of change is approaching warp. Is your learning organization ready to make the most of the Roaring Twenties?

Key chapters

  • Chapter 1: The Times They Are A'changin'

    How can leaders help their organizations thrive during times of unpredictability and instability?
  • Chapter 2: The Reskilling Challenge

    What is the difference between upskilling and reskilling, and why are they important?
  • Chapter 3: Reskilling Your Workforce

    How can an organization use reskilling to move forward?
  • Chapter 4: Upskill With Microlearning

    What role does microlearning play in upskilling within the workplace?

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