Creative Recruitment Strategies: Tips To Choose HR Training Courses For Talent Acquisition

by eLearning Industry Inc.

Your Human Resources team needs specific skills and insider know-how to find the right recruits. This guide has secrets to choose HR training courses for talent acquisition, from vetting providers to drafting results-driven RFPs.

Key Chapters

  1. HR Training Programs: 7 Questions To Help You Make The Best Buying Decision

    These questions can help you invest wisely and find the best HR training solutions for your team.

  2. 7 Free Resources To Vet HR Training Courses Providers And Improve ROI

    Qualify vendors and get top value for money by using these free online tools.

  3. 8 Tips To Find The Ideal Recruitment HR Training Courses For Managers

    Choose the ideal training solutions for your HR leaders so that they can support their department and fine tune your recruitment plan.

  4. 7 Ways To Use Virtual Training Tools For Creative Recruitment Strategies

    This chapter highlights innovative ways to use online training resources and activities for talent acquisition.

  5. 8 Steps Create An Effective HR Training RFP For eLearning Outsourcing

    Here's how to draft a request for proposal to get accurate estimates and improve ROI.

  6. 8 Qualities To Look For In Pre-Built HR Training Courses For Employee Recruitment

    The final section explores traits you should look for in pre-made HR training solutions, from brand integration to personalization.

Are you ready to outsource and maximize training ROI? Most organizations outsource because it’s more cost-effective or reduces development time. However, you need to find an eLearning content provider that understands your niche and training objectives. This ultimate guide has all the information you need to launch successful HR training courses for recruitment, complete with budgeting tips, RFP pointers, and free vendor vetting resources.

HR training solutions can help you expand your talent pool and bridge skill gaps. This guide features tips to create innovative recruitment strategies with the help of targeted L&D initiatives, whether you choose to develop in-house or outsource.

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Christopher Pappas
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