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Customer Training And Blended Learning: A Perfect Match


Customer Training And Blended Learning: A Perfect Match

by TalentLMS / Published: Jul 21 2022

What it's about

Blended learning can transform your customer training. Discover the what, why, and how in this eBook, and get ready to build a successful training program.

Key chapters

  • What is blended learning?

    The traditional blended learning approach is the combination of online and offline training. But there are multiple variations to this model. In this chapter, we explore the different types of blended learning that can be used for customer training (and more.)
  • Seven reasons to invest in customer training

    From improving client satisfaction to boosting your brand, customer training programs can greatly impact your bottom line. Discover 7 reasons why customer training should be part of your strategy.
  • Blended learning vs. traditional customer training

    In this chapter, we take a look at some challenges and limitations that traditional customer training comes with. And discuss how a blended learning approach could help overcome them.
  • 13 lucky reasons to use blended learning for customer training

    Blended learning for customer training doesn't only help solve challenges. It also has its own unique benefits—and we delve into the details in this chapter.
  • Blended learning strategies to train customers

    When it comes to blended learning, there's no one way to go or a one-size-fits-all approach. Discover what blended training techniques there are and how to choose the best one based on your needs and resources.
  • Blended learning in action: Useful tools

    From content-sharing platforms to video recording apps, this chapter will give you a complete list of tools you need to build your blended learning programs and train your customers successfully.
  • The challenges of using blended learning for customer training

    When choosing blended learning to train your customers, you may face some challenges. In this chapter, we present the most common ones and share some workarounds.
  • Is your blended learning approach to customer training successful?

    Discover four ways of measuring whether your blended learning programs for training customers are successful and bring the expected results.

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