Data And Learning: Adding Learning Analytics To Your Organization

by Learning Pool

Learning Pool specializes in providing affordable solutions. They offer a complete service that includes a library of editable content, innovative tools to improve job performance, and online Learning Management Systems. In this eBook, discover how data and learning analytics can help your organization overcome its biggest challenges cost-effectively. It covers all the essentials, from choosing an evaluation method to using an LRS to meet performance benchmarks.

Key Chapters

  1. Taking Data To The Business

    How can LMS metrics help you maximize ROI and workplace productivity? Discover all about learning analytics and your organization.

  2. Tackling The Big Data Challenges

    Let's look at 5 bear-traps in learning analytics (and how to avoid them).

  3. Choosing The Right Training Evaluation Model

    Find out how to measure against employee performance goals.

  4. Learning Analytics Examples

    Explore 5 case studies of data insights in action.

  5. Proven Ways An LRS Can Help You Meet Performance Goals And Objectives

    In this chapter, find out the best ways you can achieve your performance goals.

  6. Improve Performance And Compliance Training

    Discover all the new killer tools for learning data analysis you can implement in your organization.

  7. Why Aspiring L&D Managers Should Focus On Learning Analytics In Organizations

    Learn how important it is for managers to delve into the world of learning analytics.

  8. Where Is Your Organization In Its Learning Analytics Journey?

    In this chapter, get the chance to find your map and compass for this mission.

  9. Beyond Dashboards

    Explore 7 tips for developing a successful and sustainable learning analytics strategy in the post-COVID world.

...working alongside your chosen vendor and challenging them to supply the data you need to analyse the impact of your learning is becoming more and more important to the long-term success—and possibly even the survival—of L&D.

Successful talent development requires you to make sense of the metrics and continually measure employee performance. The catch is that many businesses either don’t have access to relevant info or don’t know how to use it to their advantage. This guide can help you navigate the challenges of gathering and analysing Big Data in your organization. It shows you how to disclose and address pain points head-on with an effective learning analytics strategy.

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