Planning For Success: An Introduction To eLearning Costs And How To Reduce Them

by TalentLMS

A well-planned training program can take an organization’s growth from fine to phenomenal. But can you get the same results on a budget? Discover how to develop cost-effective training -without compromising on quality.

Key Chapters

  1. The Direct Costs of eLearning Development

    In this chapter, you’ll discover the four types of costs all eLearning course budgets must include and ways to determine how much to spend on each.

  2. The Hidden Costs of eLearning Development

    What you don’t know, will hurt you. In this chapter, we reveal some of the most common hidden costs so you can plan them into your budget from the start.

  3. Are Online Training Costs Higher than Offline Training Costs?

    Online or offline? In this chapter, we’ll give you a roadmap to determine which type of training is best suited for your needs and your budget.

  4. Are all these Costs Worth it?

    In this chapter, we’ll show you how to measure your training return-on-investment to appease and impress your stakeholders.

  5. How to Develop a Course on a Budget

    Think ahead. In this chapter, you’ll learn the the tips to plan a course using cost-reduction strategies.

  6. How to Reduce Costs when you’ve Gone Over Budget

    Have you gone over budget? In this chapter, we’ll recommend more ways to cut costs to improve your training ROI.

  7. The Costs of Not Implementing a Corporate Training Program

    Finally, in this chapter we’ll reveal the risks of not investing in a training program.

Often the problem isn’t unnecessary training, but unnecessary spending on training.

One can say that every penny for eLearning is worth spending, but that would surely not be said when estimating the budget. There are endless features, most of them useful, but each one has a cost, so a training program must be well-planned. That is where the ebook Planning For Success: An Introduction To eLearning Costs And How To Reduce Them comes, giving you all the info on direct, hidden, online and any other cost you might meet while planning your eLearning program.

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