Eliminate Nonessential Content

by Patti Shank

In this eBook by Patti Shank, PhD, we concentrate on five critical tactics to remove unnecessary words and content in order to make it more learnable.

Key Chapters

  1. A roadmap for learning

    Traveling the learning road, tasks and realities, an example, writing for instruction, series organization.

  2. Learning objectives

    Use five tactics for removing excess words and content from your instruction. Then, practice the five tactics in examples and your own content.

  3. Introduction

    When should you apply these tactics?

  4. Tactic 1

    Prefer simpler words and phrases to complex words and phrases.

  5. Tactic 2

    Avoid phrases with no value.

  6. Tactic 3

    Use technical terms only when they are needed or expected.

  7. Tactic 4

    Replace long descriptions with graphics.

  8. Tactic 5

    Move less essential content to non-prime space.

  9. Eliminate words and content checklist

    Use the checklist to analyze your content.

  10. Wrap-up

    Top 10 takeaways

How we write learning content is as important as what we write. For example, complex writing makes the message hard to understand or mixing unnecessary content with important content makes it difficult to find and remember the most critical messages.

Successful eLearning content is synonymous to customized eLearning content. This eBook is the ultimate Go-to tool to help you achieve that.

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Christopher Pappas
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