Employee Onboarding 101: From The Basics To Creating The Best Onboarding Experience

by TalentLMS

An award-winning training platform, ideal for businesses of any size looking to onboard new employees with zero trouble.

Key Chapters

  1. What Is Onboarding?

    Find out what onboarding means.

  2. What’s The Importance Of Employee Onboarding?

    Discover the benefits for both your business and your employees, and the indirect cost of not building a formal employee onboarding program.

  3. How Do You Create An Effective Onboarding Program?

    The main steps in creating a successful onboarding experience.

  4. Onboarding Challenges

    What are the pitfalls you should avoid when creating an onboarding program?

  5. Getting Feedback On The Onboarding Experience

    How to decide who will give you feedback and what questions to ask.

  6. After Onboarding: Signs That Show Your Onboarding Process Is Successful

    Onboarding doesn’t stop at deployment and it doesn’t stop at the feedback point, either. Months after the onboarding training is over, look for the clues that show your onboarding training has been successful.

  7. Conclusion

    A recap on everything we have seen in this eBook.

A poor onboarding experience affects employees and employers alike, as it’s closely associated with high attrition rates. This eBook will walk you through the process of creating an employee onboarding experience that successfully prepares new hires to thrive in your team.

New hires join your organization with high expectations, so you have to make sure you will offer them a top-notch engaging and interactive onboarding experience. This eBook gives you all the tips and best practices you need to create a complete and effective employee onboarding program according to your business needs.

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