Embracing The Mobile Future: Aligning L&D With The Rise Of Enterprise Mobility In Corporate eLearning

by Docebo / Published: Aug 07 2017

What it's about

Mobile learning has transcended "trend" status and is now considered to be a best practice for corporate learning. Learn more about mobile learning and how to introduce a mobile learning strategy at your organization.

Key chapters

  • Learners are Already Mobile, and That Won’t Change

    Learners love their devices – organizations must embrace this change or risk damaging their performance.
  • Mobility: From Nice-to-Have to a Part of Doing Business

    Nearly half of organizations use mobile devices as part of their training and eLearning activities. Mobile is becoming an integral part of L&D.
  • Why the Massive Growth in Mobile Learning?

    Mobile increases efficiency, which has lead to a rise in mobile learning solutions.
  • Opportunities in Enterprise Mobility

    Mobile improves the velocity of knowledge exchange and increases availability of knowledge at the point of need, among other benefits.
  • How to Launch a Mobile Program

    Plan to launch a mobile learning program that is aligned with both your L&D goals and your L&D objectives.

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