Beyond Badges: How To Use A Gamification LMS To Retain Your Top Talent And Boost ROI

by eLearning Industry

Have you ever wondered if the advantages of gamification can be applied to online training? What must-have LMS features will help you realize your vision? Download our eBook to discover all you need to know about gamification LMS!

Key Chapters

  1. 7 Surprising Perks Of Investing In A Gamification LMS For Your Online Training Program

  2. 5 Tips To Use A Gamification LMS To Keep Customers In-The-Know

  3. The Importance Of Using Leaderboards And An LMS With Rich Gamification Functionality

  4. 7 Game Mechanics To Look For In Your New Gamification LMS

  5. Gamification On-The-Go: 6 Tips To Use Gamified Learning Apps To Improve Mobile Training Motivation

  6. Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Gamified Learning Apps For Your Extended Sales Team

  7. 8 Reasons To Invest In A Gamified LMS For Your Customer Service Department

  8. 7 Costly Pitfalls To Avoid When Launching Your New Gamification Training Software

  9. 8 Essential Gamification Features To Keep On Your Radar During The Selection Process

  10. 8 Techniques To Use An LMS Directory To Find A Worthy Gamification eLearning Platform

Discover the surprising perks of investing in a gamification LMS for your online training program. Also, check tips on using a gamification LMS to keep customers in-the-know. Learn the importance of using leaderboards and an LMS with rich gamification functionality, and get to retain your top talent and boost ROI.

It’s easy to dismiss gamification as child’s play. But in reality, it can bring some very grown-up benefits to your organization. The trick is to find the right mechanics and implement them correctly.

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Christopher Pappas
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