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Get Fully Ramped In Record Time: Your Guide To Boost Employee Onboarding ROI


Get Fully Ramped In Record Time: Your Guide To Boost Employee Onboarding ROI

by eWyse / Published: Jul 26 2022

What it's about

Employee onboarding is instrumental to the success or failure of any business. There is much to gain from onboarding and training a valuable employee, just as there is much to be lost from seeing an employee walk out the door. Turnover is an expensive and disruptive event. In this book, we will explore how to increase employee onboarding ROI so that you can focus on what is important – the success of your business.

Key chapters

  • Employee Onboarding: Challenges That Lower eLearning ROI

  • Context Is Key: Structuring Complex Information For New Employee Onboarding

  • Proven Strategies To Set A Realistic Employee Onboarding Budget

  • Sales Enablement Onboarding Expenses That Every Company Must Consider

  • Skills Development Secrets To Raise Onboarding ROI And Lower The Learning Curve

  • Leveraging Partners’ Potential: How To Increase Onboarding Mentors’ And SMEs’ Efficiency

  • Tips On Using An eLearning Cost Calculator To Crunch The Numbers

  • How The 3C Project Management Framework Controls L&D Costs And Maximizes ROI

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