Breaking Into The Industry: The Ultimate Guide For New Human Resource Development Professionals

by eLearning Industry

Are you thinking about joining the HR ranks and becoming a human resource development pro? Launching a new career can be daunting. Where do you start your job search or your training, for that matter? Which skills should you develop? Which roles do you need to fill? Are there any qualities you need to hone to land your dream job? So many questions and so little time, especially if you want to get on the fast track to becoming an HR manager. The demand for qualified HR professionals is always high because businesses always need to expand their talent pool and maximize their assets. That's why we've created this eBook to help HR hopefuls break into the industry. We have all the answers to kick-start your HR career and build essential core competencies.

Key Chapters

  1. What Is Human Resource Management? 4 Human Resource Development Fundamentals

    What is the role of HR? Are you a good fit for this career path? This chapter covers the HR development professional basics everyone should know.

  2. The Importance Of HR Management Programs For Remote Workers

    Let's take a closer look at how HR development professionals support remote employees and manage in-house talent.

  3. 7 Crucial Functions Every Human Resource Professional Should Know About

    What are the most common HR tasks and job responsibilities? Discover the crucial functions that HR pros must perform during the course of their workday.

  4. What Are The Top Qualities Of A Good HR Employee?

    What sets a top-notch HR employee apart from the rest? This chapter highlights the essential qualities every HR pro must possess.

  5. 12 Essential HR Concepts To Master For New Human Resource Leaders

    It's time to expand your HR vocabulary! Learn 12 all-important terms to add to your human resource development glossary.

  6. Which Resources Should HR Managers Use To Hone Their Skills?

    How do you cultivate HR skills and core competencies? These resources can help you develop your talents and bridge existing gaps.

  7. How Do HR Teams Use Online Marketing To Recruit New Hires?

    How do you find the right candidates to fill those job vacancies? In this final chapter, we'll explore top recruitment techniques for HR departments.

Human resource development professionals help build a stronger team dynamic and boost employee morale. They also handle everything from payroll to benefits and recruitment. But how do you break into this industry and what does it take to become a successful HR manager? This eBook will help you navigate this new career path and cultivate the right talents so that you can determine if human resources is the best choice based on your skills, experience, and goals, as well as avoid the most common HR industry pitfalls.

The global pandemic has made human resource development even more integral for remote work teams. They’re responsible for compliance protocols, upholding employees' rights, and recruiting new talent. These breaking into the industry insider secrets can help anyone join this in-demand career field and develop crucial skills.

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